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Damien McFly Releases New Single 'Underneath My Skin'

“Underneath My Skin” is the latest track from italian indie-pop artist Damien McFly, a stellar example of musical escapism.

The track makes use of an eclectic mix of sounds influenced by a multitude of genres to create a dreamy soundscape with no specific label. Starting with a gentle piano medley and progressing through the use of acoustic guitar lines, shimmering synths and a punchy drum pattern. The mix of electronica, folk and alternative sets the song aside as an entity of its own amongst its musical peers and showcases the Padova natives ability to create truly unique music.

Speaking to the creation of the track Damien explains, “Underneath my skin is a song about being brave when it comes to what your heart is feeling. The line “Feel the love underneath my skin” is a Mantra you’re telling to your inner self. Don’t be scared cause you’ll find the hope and the strength to love, even if that means to let someone go.”

Damien has already cemented himself as a powerhouse of the industry both with his raw talent for songwriting as well as his live performances. Having played at world famous festivals such as SXSW in America. Previous release “Mesmerised” was also the recipient of “The John Lennon Songwriting Contest” in 2018.

“Underneath My Skin” is the first release from Damien this year and is another exciting sign of what the artist has to offer, with a limitless potential and passion for his craft, he is an artist sure to be filling headphones for time to come.


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