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Dance Pop Sensation Oli Benz Releases Heavy-Hitting Electronic Anthem

Australian-born Dance Pop artist Oli Benz is back with his brand-new single ‘Jungle Heart’.

The Montauk-based DJ, model and dadfluencer has been internationally known for his legendary sets at The Surf Lodge in New York. He’s been a tastemaker and trendsetter since he first landed on the Montauk shores from his native Oz.

Jungle Heart is the hotly anticipated follow up to Oli Benz’s recent hit single ‘Rhythm Romance’ which has hit over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone and firmly placed Oli on the map for being one of the most exciting new electronic pop artists around at the moment.

When speaking about his new single ‘Jungle Heart’ Oli had this to say.

“The name is how I envision falling in love. Jungle Heart is about winning over someone’s love which can be compared to looking through a Jungle-wandering, getting lost, and being immersed in the beauty.”

Comfortable in the spotlight and a natural behind the decks. He found himself playing at all major hot spots across NY, LA and Oz. He incorporates his early roots of jazz infusion to create a unique style of disco funk retro flair and he’s always sure to get the dancefloor tapping.

Listen to Jungle Heart right here;

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