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Daniel Felipe Martinez Shares Infectious New Single 'In The Middle'

Inide-Pop solo artist Daniel Felipe Martinez is back with his new single ‘In The Middle’. Experimenting with a mix of Electronic-Pop and Hip Hop production, Daniel creates and self produces his distinct brand of drifting, ultra-chilled, synth led Indie-Pop with renouned mastering engineer John Webber (David Bowie, George Michael, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Divine Comedy, MF Doom).

The new single ‘In The Middle’ effortlessly brings together the carefree Indie sounds of MGMT with the lofi beats of J Dilla to great effect. Opening with a dreamy pad synth before the crunchy, kick heavy beat enters along with a gliding Roland Juno lead, the track quickly builds a chilled summer afternoon vibe. Daniel’s multiple, intertwining vocals enter with a delicate, relaxed delivery as a syncopated bass emphasises a level of danceability to the otherwise euphoric calmness of the track.

Speaking on the new single Daniel said:

“It’s a fun danceable track which reflects on a personal experience at Coachella a few years back. Parts of the lyrics are literally describing the experience of people having fun, drinking, smoking and dancing but it also touches on having personal realizations "in the middle" of all the fun. Specifically, there is a line in the middle (pun somewhat intended) that says "in the middle of it all I came to see that I was in my way". The message there is that sometimes you are the one holding yourself back from achieving or doing what it is you truly want to do, or should be doing.”

Beginning his career as a producer and receiving acclaim for his work on Kembe X’s debut record, which made Forbes’ list of best albums of 2011, Daniel later began to write his own material which has seen him gain tens of thousands of plays across streaming platforms and begin to make a name for himself as one to watch in 2021. Having already released 2 previous singles this year, Daniel’s new single ‘In The Middle’ is out now ahead of more material which is due throughout the year.

Listen here:

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