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Daniele Alan-Carter enters a new era with ‘Cool Me Down’

Daniele Alan-Carter is back, bringing with him a showcase of a new direction with the cinematic intimacy of ‘Cool me down’. Soft piano lines set the scene, with airy synth design building the atmosphere. Rich orchestration then joins the music, as Daniele’s voice rises to a climax by the first chorus. Hard hitting percussion, vocal layering and intense strings maximise the moment before it falls away back into the soft verse lines. This contrasting continues until we are met with a momentous final chorus, as the music captures the listeners, Daniele cries out, before settling for the final time.

Daniele dives into the story behind the track, ”It was a scorching summer day in Rome when my best friend and I found ourselves on his terrace, attempting to chill (or rather, sweating profusely) and delving into a conversation about love. We both realized that, in different relationships, we had oscillated between being overly clingy and completely avoidant. Surprisingly, in each scenario, it felt like the "right" thing to do at the time.

A few days later, we stumbled upon the movie "Red, White and Royal Blue" on Amazon Prime, which beautifully delved into the complexities of relationships, particularly when one partner is emotionally unavailable due to life circumstances or personal trauma, or perhaps both. This resonated deeply with us, sparking a journey of healing and self-reflection.

In response to our experiences and newfound insights, we decided to pen a song giving voice to both the avoidant and anxious types. Our goal was to illustrate that, in their own fragile ways, both have a right to exist. The essence of our song revolves around the understanding that there is no clear-cut right or wrong in love. We all navigate the messiness of our emotions uniquely, and sometimes, it's liberating to simply let go, embrace the desires that draw us together, and be present for each other with compassion and love.”

Daniele is an Italian-born artist who started his career in international theatrical productions. Shaped by the demands of the theatre, he has emerged as a dynamic and captivating performer in his solo career. Building strong relationships within his fanbase, Daniele treats music as his daily salvation, working to capture its transformative power with listeners, inviting them on a collective journey of self-discovery.


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