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Dark Pop At Its Finest: Introducing Laura Greaves

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Up and coming UK music artist Laura Greaves is causing quite the stir in the underground pop/EDM world with her new EP “Into The Dark.” This four track EP is compact and filled to the brim with catchy pop hooks, pulsating beats, and darkly twisted lyrics. The highlight of the EP is definitely its opener "Psychopath", for which she has just dropped a brand new music video.

A distorted voice echoes in the distance as the song begins. Laura’s soft but sharp vocals enter the sound alongside the sparse and ominous beat. It proceeds to the raucous chorus where the song overflows into sinister pop perfection. Laura’s vocal delivery is perfectly up to task in carrying out the single’s twisted lyrics. The result is a sticky sweet and stunningly crafted pop single.

Laura Greaves is truly a breath of fresh air and will make a welcome addition to the pop scene. With popular sound ever shifting, it is refreshing to see a musical artist pursue their own sound with only their interest and passion dictating the outcome. It is very evident that she loves what she does as it shows through in the finished product. The musical landscape needs more artists like Laura Greaves, but I am grateful we at least have her.

Watch the music video for 'Psychopath' right here:




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