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David Barr debuts with the bright single ‘Monday’s Rain’

‘Monday’s Rain’ is the debut single from ex-Moon Kids frontman David Barr. Showcasing a bright and vibrant indie-pop sound, the artist laces his guitar tones in gleaming positivity and his rhythms in a summery bounce. The track was inspired by a road trip from Los Angeles to Nashville, with the track being produced by Anthony J Resta and recorded in Laurel Canyon, California.

“I love the sunshine,” says the singer, “but as we were driving from dive bar to dive bar on the way from California to Tennessee, handing out flyers for the Moon Kids, I realised how much I missed the rain back home in Scotland. It was one of those moments where you think about what’s got you to this point in your life.

Monday’s Rain is a song about hope and chasing your dreams. It’s about overcoming self-doubt, of course, and the compulsion of making music in this upside-down world of ours.”

Originally hailing from Scotland, Barr first saw success as part of Moon Kids, with his solo writing garnering acclaim from the likes of London Grammar, Run DMC and Tom Waits when his track ‘Luna Park’ reached the finals of the International Songwriting Competition.



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