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December Rose Discusses Pandemic Inspiration, 90s Influences, and New Release "Best Is Yet to Come"

Adult Contemporary/Pop songstress December Rose has just released her latest single, “Best Is Yet to Come,” an anthem of empowerment fitting for any difficulty. Written during the height of the pandemic, the track details a return to better days and a connection to a personal source of hope. The listener is whisked away by December’s crisp and soulful vocals, complimenting atmospheric instrumentation.

December Rose’s artistic signature, melancholic, reflective, and empowering are just the tip of the iceberg for the award winning Montrealer. The pop vocalist and songwriter depicts authenticity and diversity through her carefully crafted songs, aimed at giving listeners and abuse survivors a voice, and comfort. December received the New Music Weekly’s Top 40

Artist of the Year award for her single “Raise Your Voice” in June 2020 as well as the Hollywood Music in Media Award 2021 for her song “Apple Tree.” Her latest LP Raise Your Voice has had several charting singles on US radio, and ranked on iTunes Top 200 Canadian Pop album releases. While working on her music, she founded December Rose Studios which aims to coach and mentor other singers and artists that wish to pursue a career in the music industry.

We sat down with December Rose to discuss the story behind "Best Is Yet to Come" and what led her to share her story through music.


FLEX: This track is such a perfect anthem of inspiration, regardless of what someone is going through! How did you keep the lyrics relatable while also pertaining them to your personal experience?

December Rose: Thank you! That's the benefit of co-writing songs! We spent quite a bit of time venting. I think after we let out our personal struggles and experiences, we were able to think more clearly on how to phrase things in a more general way. We knew everyone was suffering differently, and wanted everyone to find encouragement in a song they could tie their own story to. F: You wrote "Best Is Yet to Come" over Zoom during the height of the pandemic. Tell us a little about this experience, and how the pandemic changed how you make music as a whole?

D: Once everyone's internet plans were upgraded to a more stable connection, it was a total game changer in the best way possible! At first, not having human contact to make music was weird, but I quickly grew to like it. I could mute my video to work out an idea before showing it to everyone, so I didn't have to feel self-conscious about a bad idea. Virtual sessions allowed me to connect with so many more writers and artists! Super convenient and efficient really. Now I prefer starting virtually, and meeting up with the writers at later stages in the song completion like the recording stages (if needed). I'm way more productive this way! F: Your vocals are so powerful and they take the track to another level. Have you always loved to sing, and if so when did you decide it was something you wanted to pursue professionally?

D: Thank you! Definitely always loved to sing. As a kid, I grew up on Spice Girls and Backstreet boys. They were the first major inspiration to be a singer (roughly 6 years old). Then Mandy Moore sang 'Only Hope' in the movie 'A Walk To Remember', and there was something about the scene of that performance that really made me decide to pursue it. I must have been around 11 or 12 years old. Started taking voice lessons, and became obsessed with development, growth, and ultimately being able to sing songs I'd write, the way I'd hear them in my head! F: You infuse positivity and hope into your music. What do you hope listeners take away from your work/ what impact do you hope that your advocacy has?

D: I hope that my work gives people encouragement and motivation to heal and look forward. To offer them a little strength to get up, and try again tomorrow. It's important for me as an artist to pour into my audience, be it food for thought, comfort, or motivation. F: What can we expect next from December Rose?

D: I'm completing my next EP which was inspired by Disney, Enya, and Lisa Gerrard. This upcoming body of work is intended to let people reflect on the passing of time, reconnect with their inner child, and dream again. Aiming to start releasing singles in early 2023.

"Best Is Yet to Come" is available across streaming platforms.

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