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Defective Monk releases atmospheric new single "Devil’s Child"

Defective Monk’s latest single “Devil’s Child” certainly showcases his unique and signature sound. The track fuses electronic and rock elements together perfectly, and will be sure to make a lasting impression. Drums smash through the mix, whilst synths ebb and flow between, creating a colourful melting pot of melodies. Guitars land on top, and come soaked in distortion. On top, vocals cut straight through the mix, forging a formidable partnership when paired with well-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the release, he says: “My release, "Devil's Child", is a collection of remixed songs, with three of the songs never being officially released until now. I intentionally released "Devil's Child" during the Halloween and Day of the Dead holidays, since the songs on this EP are about horror, debauchery, and evil, to name a few. These songs are the starting point of my core music sound, and it has been the core of my sound ever since these sounds were created, written, arranged, performed by yours truly, Defective Monk.”

Defective Monk is on a mission to create a sound that pays homage to dance and rock, a sound that he calls “Anger Techno.” Musically his sound is very advanced, using multiple drum kits and digital synths fused with analog instrumentation to craft his sound. So choose your fate when listening to Defective Monk. Dance to it...! Head Bang to it...! The choice is yours!



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