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Dehko releases infectious new album “Tektroit”

Dehko is a self-made DJ and musician with a deep passion for electronic music. DJing from the age of 12, Dehko quickly harnessed his skills to become a music creator. His love for electronic and dance music was born when he saw a video from Ultra Music festival in 2013. He quickly tried to learn as much as he could, and subsequently started making his own music.

Fast forward to now, and Dehko has just released his highly anticipated new album “Tektroit.” Spearheaded by lead single “Infinity,” the album is a refreshing take on dance music, and will be sure to take the listener on a musical journey. The album is filled with dance floor anthems that feature grooving instrumentation and infectious, singalong vocals.

Dehko’s unique blend of Techno, Future and Bass House is set to take the world by storm. We cannot wait to see where he’ll take this.



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