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Demsky takes us on a sonic journey with his new EP ‘Tell Me About The World’

Demsky isn’t your standard lo-fi producer, this Canadian producer is a creator of sonic worlds and journeys and this perfect example of this is his new EP ‘Tell Me About The World’. Each track giving a different flavour, Demsky’s production ranges from tropical house sounds to bustling and busy soundscapes with intricate beats and swirling melodies.

Describing the new EP, Demsky says: “‘Tell Me About The World' is Demsky's forthcoming EP. Inspired by Sebastian Junger's book 'Tribe', the EP was made with the intention of open interpretation. In a world that seems so divided as of late, we could spare a little bit of time relearning the lost art of listening so that our community can once again thrive off of compassion and heart. I think we can all visualize tracks in a different way. I’m looking forward to hearing your take on it.”



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