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Desmond Myers delivers stunning and suave debut album 'Shadowdancer'

Desmond Myers is an artist who just by the look of him, oozes class and style with a confidence, not arrogance. To describe his sound is largely difficult to place in one box, with his electronic tinged brand of Neo soul and funk transcending us far from the normal. He has now presented his debut album 'Shadowdancer' accompanied with visuals that perfectly encapsulate what Desmond is all about; a soft and understated sensuality and energy.

The final and lead single taken from the album is the aptly titled 'Shadows' which follows suit from "Playing With Fire' and 'Real Man' and is a perfect and fitting way to end the construction of the masterpiece that is this album. The tracks ebb and flow between soft and slow, almost ballad types, to funk-fuelled and up tempo, and 'Shadows' crescendos with the latter.

It seems to be an amalgamation of everything that's coem so fr from Myers, with 'Shadows' going deep into his psyche. The video depicts that 80s feel with the black and white spotlight performance, with the song possessing those deep lying synths and staccato guitar riffs that we all have a love for at some level. The funk influences then immediately enter the fore and the chorus is as catchy as you can imagine, with a signature hook-ridden melody from Myers once more in this upbeat and emotive number.

I had been making a lot of mid-tempo music about things that were very personal to me and I just wanted to make something to shake those feelings off to. It ended up being just as vulnerable of an experience as those other songs. It was like treating myself through song, which is its own unique kind of vulnerability.” - Desmond Myers

The album is a culmination of complex thoughts and each track is different in its own special way. It's clear that Desmond Myers has both the music and artistic vision to match, making 'Shadowdancer' an album to sink into no matter what mood you're in.

Listen to the full album here:


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