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Devin Sunshine arrives with playful new track ‘In Love With Me’

LA based alt-pop singer and melodic rapper Devin Sunshine returns with a brand new offering ‘In Love With Me’. Bringing the fun, Devin shows off her personality on the quirky track, as she mixes singing with rapping to create a sound that is super original and infectious.

Offering up a unique energy with her mix of raw emotion and eloquent lyricism, Devin has built up a strong fan base since she began releasing music in 2019. Devin explains, “‘In Love With Me’ is a melodic pop-rap commentary on what it's like to be an empowered young female artist on social media these days... often bombarded by "f-boys" in your DMs who care nothing about your art, and only about your sex appeal. The song is intentionally meant to be a bit self absorbed and narcissistic, but delivered in a satirical and somewhat sassy light.”

Gearing up for a special EP release this year, the artist has given us a taste of what to expect and we can’t wait to hear what she has up her sleeve.

Listen to ‘In Love With Me’ here.



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