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DI Ivories releases bewitching single 'Have U Noticed?'

ndie meets psychedelic dream-pop project Di Ivories dive into realms of disco in hypnotising new single ‘Have U Noticed?’. Led by singer, keyboardist and composer Diego Martinez, the immersive project have received praise from Under the Radar, The Stumble Upon, Music Crowns and BTR Radio to name a few. Combining indie rock with unpredictable instrumentation, Diego’s chaotic music may be eccentric but it’s certainly able to win over your heart. Written in fall-winter 2020 where the dark days of the pandemic were still fully upon us, there’s elements of relatability throughout the new release.

Speaking about his electric new single, Diego shares, “Have U Noticed? Came at a time where I had to address my feelings for someone that I’ve had after several years of friendship. This song is probably the strongest song of the EP because it is so emotionally charged. Heart Break is one of the purest forms of raw energy we feel and try to understand while it’s happening to us, but we never really realize how shattered our heart is until after it’s already broken. We tracked this song with an upright piano in the intro and then in a flash the beat drops and you feel the intensity of the song, like something is catching fire in front of you."



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