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Diamond Lake unleash raw power on their tantalising single 'Fazing'

Since they first emerged almost a decade ago, Minneapolis' Diamond Lake have stood as one of the more inventive names on the alt-rock scene. Largely combining broad and immersive aesthetics with an atmospheric edge, the group have been building a wondrous new sound of late, perfectly illustrated by their tantalising new single 'Fazing'.

Now featuring on their recently released studio album 'Noir', the band's direction on 'Fazing' is a brilliantly adventurous yet refined pursuit. Creating this almost industrial-inspired texture, led by a powerful and impactful bassline throughout, their recent effort continues to cement them as an innovative name on the rise, brimming with fresh and captivating ideas.

Coming off the back of an incredibly prolific period for the band, 'Fazing' is nevertheless one of their most intriguing offerings to date. With such a bold and anthemic approach that still maintains a vein of driven energy without ever exploding outward, this pensive new delight is something we can see ourselves coming back to again and again.

Enjoy 'Fazing' below.



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