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Diana Goldberg reflects on doomed relationship in new track 'SAME OLD SORRY'

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you like your pop music with a side of melancholy, this ones for you.

Diana Goldberg’s new release ‘SAME OLD SORRY’ explores the aftermath of a doomed-from-the start relationship - the kind of one you probably both should have ended at some point but you didn’t.

This track has a raw feeling to it - you can hear the subtle confusion hidden within her voice as she’s questioning what’s happening and why she kept trusting the same person over again, when she knew that it always ended the same way.

For me, what stands out the most in 'SAME OLD SORRY' is the tracks bridge - a reflection of knowing somebody wants to leave the relationship and looking back on it wondering why they didn’t just get up and do it, instead of holding you back in that place.

Diana commented that “the timeframe in the song is [also] important; I meant it to be written after the fact - knowing all along that the pairing wasn’t going to work. And I think that’s relatable for every type of relationship, not just romantic”.

And if this version of the track wasn't enough of a treat, you can see the music video for the acoustic version of 'SAME OLD SORRY' premiering here tonight.


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