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Diezelbud’s dreamy bedroom-pop single: ‘Come Dine With Me’

Diezelbud, a prototypically British childhood besties pair from Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire, has been working on their debut album 'BLETCH' for more than a year. The duo discovered their love for songwriting and music-making during the pandemic, and while writing the opening and chorus for the new single 'Come Dine With Me,' seems to have stumbled upon a happy accident. 'Come Dine With Me', is a new single that seamlessly blends bedroom pop, post-punk, and indie, and is thematically bound by the subject of relationships, featuring quirky acoustic guitar, synthesiser, and Brit-pop rock qualities.

Speaking about the new track, Diezelbud shared:

“This song's initial conception began with George self-isolating with Covid in the studio for 10 days. He was only supposed to be mixing and mastering as we thought we had all the tracks we wanted for the album but understandably lost a few marbles along the way, got side-tracked, and slapped together the intro and chorus for this. Anyway, we both ended up getting into it and decided it deserved finishing and having a place in BLETCH, so I guess we have George's borderline cabin fever to thank for that. The gist of the song is that when things go bad with people or relationships and it feels like the end of the world, it's (probably) not and you'll (probably) be alright, even if it turns you a bit loopy for a while - which is sort of a positive message, right?”

Diezelbud is poised to lead the bedroom pop genre as it matures, anticipating the album's release while infusing a distinctly British flavour. 'Come Dine With Me' is now available!

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