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Dittomaster drops intoxicating new single ‘Ghost’

Voltaic and thrilling, Dittomaster’s latest single ‘Ghost’ blends together elements of electroclash, dance-punk and rock, making for something truly powerful.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Michael Wilson, better known as Dittomaster is taking the electronic world by storm with his dynamic soundscapes, and is adding a new gem to his already electrifying catalogue. Nodding to the likes of Depeche Mode, and LCD Soundsystem, Dittomaster gets experimental with his sound, as he pushes the genre boundaries and makes his unique mark. With ‘Ghost’ being his fourth release this year, the instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter has hit the ground running this year with his offerings, and displays his passion and commitment to his music is not to be overlooked.

With the aim of connecting with his listeners, Dittomaster keeps his lyricism authentic and relatable, whilst accompanying his words with ear-catching melodies. With significant successes already under his belt, Dittomaster has seen support from the likes of Frontrunner Magazine and NACC Radio. This is an artist who has a whole lot more to give, so be sure to keep an ear out for his return.

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