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Dom Malin unveils the captivating new single 'The Sea'

Photo: Taylor Olson

Ever since he first emerged, Birmingham-based singer-songwriter Dom Malin has been one of the more heartfelt names on the fledgling folk-pop scene. While many in his arena stick mainly to safe and proven ideals, Malin has always looked to pursue new and interesting textures, highlighted by his captivating new single 'The Sea'.

Bringing in a humbled string section to his sweeping acoustic-led aesthetic this time around, 'The Sea' elevates his usual direction to deliver something far more euphoric than most. Blending his sweet and alluring voice with a rousing composition throughout, it feels like he is finally reaching the heights he was always meant to.

Adding about the new single, he said, "Finding the courage to say something earlier and not let it escalate to the point where you get caught out. The conversational verses talk about the simplicity of conversation while the chorus asks the question if you had another shot would you do it differently?"

While he has certainly developed a wonderfully poetic array of releases in recent years, 'The Sea' feels that much more personal and distinctive against some of his older material. Pushing himself out of his comfort zone once again, he is definitely a name we can expect a lot more hype from in the years to come.

Enjoy 'The Sea' below.



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