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Don Mai Shares New Single 'Caught Up'

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Singer-Songwriter Don Mai is back with his new single ‘Caught Up’. Stylistically akin to the likes of Juice Wrld and Ed Sheeran, Don open's up about his emotions and feelings, relying on a song's natural writing flow and feel to determine it's sound rather than being constrained by genre. The new single ‘Caught Up’ see’s Don bring together acoustic guitar, atmospheric synths and electronic beats to create his own pop fuelled singer-songwriter sound. Don’s breathy, natural vocals help elevate the track with catchy vocal lines laced with emotion, hammering home the melancholic nature of the single. Speaking on ‘Caught Up’, Don Said:

“Caught Up is about the feeling you get when no matter what you do, no matter what happens between you and this other person. You'll always have a soft spot for them. I wrote this song because even though I've tried to move on from this one girl, I just haven't been able to. It's been 3 years and instead of fighting my feelings I just thought I'd accept it instead and that it's ok to have feelings for someone even if they don't reciprocate it.”

Starting off as a classical pianist, Don soon moved onto learning acoustic guitar and learning to sing before discovering his love for Pop music and beginning to write his own songs. Having studied music performance at university, he decided that music was more than just a hobby and began to release his music for the world to hear! Don Mai is releasing a flurry of new material this year starting with ‘Caught Up’ which is out now.

Listen below:


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