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Drex Carter releases new single "Wrong Time"

Orlando based rapper Drex Carter is back with new music, as he releases his brand new single ‘Wrong Time’. Produced by Vhsceral; ‘Wrong Time’ is the follow on from Drex’ previous single ‘Wavs’, that delivers a rich array of jazz-inspired hip-hop beats.

With a lo-fi mellow instrumental, the gentle and immersive track features a melodic array of relaxed hip-hop beats alongside subtle synths. Composing an enchanting sonic landscape, the laid-back instrumental is accompanied by Drex’ smooth and effortless rap verses and vocal cadences, that weave thier way into the fabric of the melodic soundscape; perfectly accompanying the soulful and enchanting composition.

With more new music on the horizon, the song is off of Drex’ forthcoming 5 track EP titled ‘Sorry, I can't talk right now’, which will only be available on physical CDs.


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