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Dry Run unleash their thunderous new single 'Cast The Spell'

Ever since they first broke through with their dynamic debut EP 'What comes next?' in 2022, Brighton's Dry Run have been on an incredible streak ever since. Turning out a wealth of anthemic efforts every few months, they are continuing to shine on their thunderous new single 'Cast The Spell', a release brimming with unbridled energy throughout.

Much like their impressive repertoire to date, their newest offering looks to deliver more of those killer riffs they have quickly earned a reputation for. Keeping the bold and electrifying aesthetic alive within this new stunner, 'Cast The Spell' sees them kick off their 2024 with style and finesse at every turn.

While there have certainly been a fair share of great UK-based rock acts on the rise in recent months, Dry Run feel like they are already pushing themselves to the front of the queue. Brimming with this tantalising allure from beginning to end, be ready to have this one blow your socks off!

Enjoy 'Cast The Spell' below.


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