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Dubai based artist DIYÂ announces unforgettable EP 'Speak Up'

Focusing mainly on leading single 'Follow', 'Speak Up' is an exceptional EP from your new favourite artist. Bringing you up to speed, DIYÂ is based in Dubai but was born in Ukraine.

Coming from a supportive family, DIYÂ's dream to be a musician began at the young age of 4, and the rest is simply history. Inspired by early eras of music, DIYÂ's doesn't typically follow a crowd and is known for her remarkable, diverse sound.

Speaking about the enchanting new single Follow, DIYÂ exclaims the track is about ‘taking a leap of faith when you believe in someone and just following your heart and them’.

An unforgettable debut EP that will go down in DIYÂ's musical history.



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