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Dutch Criminal Record Share New Single 'Come Closer'

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Brighton-based indie trio Dutch Criminal Record share 'Come Closer', offering a sneak peek into their highly anticipated upcoming EP, 'Apathy Mixtape' set to drop on October 13th.

Over the past few years, Dutch Criminal Record has been steadily making a name for themselves, selling out shows across the UK, touring Europe, and earning regular radio play from prominent stations like BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, and Radio X. Their music has also found a home on Spotify Editorial playlists, and their fanbase continues to grow following their signing to AntiFragile Music.

Produced by Rob Quickenden in collaboration with Dutch Criminal Record themselves, 'Come Closer' marks a return to the band's signature indie-surf sound. The track features shimmering, chorus-drenched guitars that provide the backdrop for honest and heartfelt vocals. It creates a sun-kissed soundscape that captures a carefree ease, showcasing the band's exceptional songwriting skills.

The band shares their thoughts on the track, explaining, "'Come Closer' is based around a demo made by Sam on acoustic guitar, I really liked the voicings of the chords, so it inspired me to write a song really quickly. In essence, it’s a love song but from the perspective of being a worrier about things and then the other person putting you at ease! Joe added a really beautiful dreamy guitar riff, and Frampton’s drums mimic an electronically processed kit, which is really cool to my mind! The bridge is '60s inspired, and Frampton had the idea of lifting it from a different demo of ours that Joe had written a while back, and then Sam tweaked it to fit the song, so it was like a team attempt at finishing a musical jigsaw puzzle!"

Dutch Criminal Record has experienced remarkable growth in recent years as well as selling out headline shows across the UK, Dutch Criminal Record is poised for continued success with their latest material.


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