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Dylan Joshua's personal hardships are marked with solitude in ‘deadmanwalking’

Dylan Joshua continually pushes his work to its essential depths and reasons, from his lyrics to his visual portrayal. As a profound thinker going through life's trials and tribulations, this artist provides his music with an honest, true, and in-depth sense of feeling. Dylan gives an oversaturated music industry, complete with glitter and glitz or dramatised hard-knock lifestyles, a gritty feel while addressing reality and the emotions that come with hardship from the perspective of an ordinary guy. 'Deadmanwalking,' his most recent offering, is a silky-smooth track apparent with a laid-back feel. As he opens up about interaction after a period of isolation, his flowing voice blend with acoustic guitar plucks and subdued percussion.

Talking about the track, Dylan Joshua reveals:

“With everything back up and everyone coming back outside it feels like a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) going around and everyone's kind of trying to make up for the past 2 years, but for anyone who knows what I’m talking about it feels like those 2 years kinda put you behind a screen, watching people live their lives while you kinda just went through the motions, especially back home. Personally, I didn’t really rush back into my social life like that, it's gonna take me a bit to re-socialize, and I feel like I’ve grown mentally so the same things or people I used to view as fun just don’t appeal to me the same way. When you try to pick up where you left off, and nothing gives you that same rush you used to get, it really does feel like you’re a deadmanwalking.”

The song being a hit with R&B fans, Dylan’s relatable lyrics encourage the listener to question their position in society, and the lyric video alongside the release captures the spirit of the track as Dylan intended. The acoustic smooth ambiance drenched single 'deadmanwalking' is available now.

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