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Earl Gray Collective drop new single Raindrops

The new single ‘Raindrops’ from Earl Gray Collective is a breath-taking tapestry of sound, sitting somewhere in the realm between blues, indie-pop and something entirely unique. Smooth, heavenly vocals carry authentic emotional depths, whilst tender piano melodies lead the arrangement. The production evolves into layers of percussion and shimmering guitar, without ever overpowering the soulful vocal lead.

Discussing the release, Earl Gray Collective said: “Raindrops is an honest attempt to express the painful journey of finding the power to forgive others, even when they’ve seriously hurt you. I (Will) have a bad habit of holding in my emotions. This song was written to remind me that to be healthy I needed to find ways to express my pain to others and to God in order to forgive.”

Earl Gray Collective are an indie-rock/pop four-piece who emerged onto the scene with their debut EP in 2019, accumulating over 15,000 streams and gaining the support of John Kennedy at Radio X as well as Alice Amel at Riverside Radio. Influenced by a variety of artists, including Jamie Cullum, John Mayer and Paramore, this upcoming band are creating an original and magnetic sound of their own.



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