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Eddie Cohn keeps the vibes high on the anthemic new single 'Who Or What I Was Before'

Ever since he first emerged, LA's Eddie Cohn has always looked to explore a more multifaceted aesthetic than most. Regularly dabbling in a more inventive direction to give his sound a eclectic feel throughout, he is returning to those dynamic ways once again as he delivers the anthemic new single 'Who Or What I Was Before'.

Taking cues from the classic 90s alt-rock sound of Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, his newest endeavour sees him return to the fold in one of his most euphoric guises yet. Brimming with bright and infectious hooks at every turn, 'Who Or What I Was Before' sees him return for 2024 in stellar form from start to finish.

While this new outing marks his first piece of new material in two years, Eddie Cohn has already promised plenty more releases in the months and years ahead. And given how impactful this comeback cut is, it already feels like more vibrant offerings like this aren't far away.

Enjoy 'Who Or What I Was Before' below.


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