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Eden Rain delivers the captivating new single 'Great Nothing'

After recently following up her much-loved 2023 EP 'But I'm Alright Now' with the stunning comeback single 'Closer' earlier this year, Eden Rain is back on the scene once again with her captivating new offering 'Great Nothing'.

Channelling more of that rich and enigmatic alt-pop appeal she is known for, 'Great Nothing' makes for a riveting return to form throughout. With its broad and tender textures perfectly set to her lofty vocal style from start to finish, she continues her ascent as one of the more alluring names doing the rounds right now.

Speaking about the new release, she said, “I wrote Great Nothing, about the rise and fall of a frienduationship - which is a word I’ve (maybe?) made up to describe the experience of a friend confess feelings for you and everything gets all weird and messy and tangly. I feel like when Conway and I wrote this song it was like putting all my frustrations of every friendship that went off-piste or person I had liked that hadn’t liked me back, or had but at the wrong time, into a meat grinder and … out came Great Nothing. It’s like the opposite of a great love, it's the mourning of the potential of a relationship and the confusion and the angst to put everything back where it was.. and all the sinking feelings that come with it.”



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