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  • Rose Shannonn

Edwin Jackson releases new track ‘Last Laugh’

Edwin Jackson documents being a victim of infidelity in the new single Last Laugh. The track navigates between two states of mind: confronting the heartbreak and growing from the pain. Edwin Jackson begins with a spoken word, “Not my choice but by desire.” He recalls every emotion and feeling. The rappers’ slow-paced reflective flow feels heavy - listeners can capture every stage of grief, realisation, disappointment and disbelief.

The beat cruises on a faded piano beat, complimented with distorted backing vocals. When speaking about the track, Edwin Jackson states, “I was in a long committed marriage and was a victim of infidelity. Instead of bottling my emotions, I chose to do what I love (venting to my pen). Last laugh isn’t a song; it’s a promise to myself that I will do better… that I am better.”



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