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Eighty Eight Miles return with new single "Sexy Song"

Eighty-Eight Miles are a colourful, up-and-coming indie/alternative collective from the Midlands. Blending and merging different genres together, the band have managed to craft a unique and signature sound. Since releasing their track “The Thought of Losing You” in October 2022 with label River St Records, Eighty-Eight Miles have gone from strength to strength.

The band are back with an infectious new offering entitled "Sexy Song." Featuring thrashing drums, anthemic instrumentation and irresistible vocal lines, it's clear that Eighty-Eight Miles are providing a refreshing take on rock music. Lyrically the track is soaked in personality and will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

The band have not only got a global audience, but a super-hard-core local one as well. Eighty-Eight Miles have supported the likes of Antarctic Monkeys, The Sheratons and Santu and we can see them pushing further in 2023.

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