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Ela Rexha releases confident new single ‘Night Calls’

Singing and dancing from three, a pianist from five, Ela Rexha was born to be a creative. The German-born singer-songwriter performed in choirs, musicals and orchestras, becoming a multi-instrumentalist and natural entertainer. Her parents are active in the Albanian music community, her father being a successful music producer, inspiring her to carve her own path in the industry.

Bringing energy, confidence and momentum to her latest track, Ela Rexha gives us ‘Night Calls’. The artist brings a high-octane vocal performance to the track, riding the instrumental and leaning into the bold lyricism. The harmonies help to bring this atmosphere as they thicken up the choruses with layering and fill in breaks in the verses. The beat itself is seriously hard hitting, keeping it bouncy with dynamic, rattly hi-hats with plenty of triplets and a kick and snare duo that hits you right in the chest. The track has an uplifting, almost dance influenced build up into the chorus creating a climactic hit each time it comes around. The simple, grooving guitar chords fill out the textural space, staying in the background, never detracting from Ela’s display of unapologetic attitude.

Ela shares her ethos, “My music is inspired by my own life. So it’s a song about female self respect and the enjoyment of saying no.

Take it easy, be unavailable, stand on your own feet, be happy on your own and again self respect.”


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