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Elae Weeks collabs with Michael Fiya on sumptuous R&B pop single 'Sometimes'

Elae Weekes and Michael Fiya have teamed up to create the sedating single 'Sometimes.' Transcending what we call pop, Weekes' vocal really does take centre stage and showcases his prominent talents alongside Fiya's brilliant rapping too. The production is unique and interesting, with whirling synths that pan in and out of the track throughout, adding to the lustre of the track.

Blending nuances of dance, house and pop, Elae has in a way, innovated a whole new genre, turning a traditional house track into an alternative R&B slice that is a joy to listen to. It holds a nostalgic 90s feel to it as well in the production from Jaylotus.gtk, with the pop-woven melodies from Weekes taking it to another place entirely. Check it out now and see for yourself.

Stream 'Sometimes' here:


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