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ELATRASI shares spellbinding new single 'Immunity'

Returning after the release of her debut single ‘Heavy’, ELATRASI is back with her newest gem 'Immunity', and it is not to be missed. Both atmospheric and dynamic in its soundscapes, ELATRASI delivers subtle folk and Arab infusions - including the ney flute and Arabic inspired vocals. Both stunning and enchanting, ELATRASI knows exactly how to compel her listeners from the get-go.

The talent reveals, “'Immunity' challenges taboo attitudes held within society and explores the hidden vulnerabilities of invisible illness which continue to be misunderstood from our own communities. I wrote this during a time I was deeply struggling behind closed doors and found myself questioning my own strength and reason. As the song progresses, so does the epic cinematic percussion and ethereal violin strings - ending with a grand cathartic release - signifying the decision to not lose hope and keep 'building my immunity'.'How to build immunity to an aching soul? I'm doing everything I can just to feel in control' - what was once a personal cry in my notes has now evolved into a compositional act of defiance and internal monologue of resistance. I hope this slow cinematic ballad serves as a gentle reminder to the listener that they do not have to fight their invisible battles alone and that you are more than capable of building your own immunity, slowly but surely.”

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