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Electronic Newcomer JK The Sage Shares Stunning New Single 'Patterns/ To The Sea'

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Ambient Electronic producer and pianist JK The Sage makes a stunning Flex debut with the new single 'Patterns/ To The Sea and the new 5 track EP 'Belongs To The Earth'. Demonstrating an ear for beautiful soundscapes and intriguing synthesis and sampling, JK's music is truly otherworldly and flawlessly executed.

Akin to early James Blake, especially the likes of 'Air & Lack Thereof' as well as much of Bonobo's back catalogue, JK's music is in good company and deserving of a big audience and acclaim. 'Patterns/ To The Sea' expertly blends modulated synths, ambient vocal and string samples, shuffling beats to create a dreamy soundscape packed with innovative ideas ahead of it's 2.20 breakdown which delicately floats the track in another direction. Containing snippets of JK's astonishing and effortless piano playing, which can also be heard across his back catalogue, the new single is a demonstration of his breathtaking talent and artistry.

The new EP ‘Belongs To The Earth’ showcases an artist with a back catalogue full of amazing atmospheric electronic music that will surely see him gain a huge audience over the coming months! Listen to 'Patterns/ To The Sea' below:


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