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Eljé releases garage-tinged single "Peach Squash Sunday"

North London hailing Eljé is back with a new infectious single entitled "Peach Squash Sunday." Eljé is part of a rising musical movement in the UK that is reviving old-school urban music. Her unique sound sees her blend softly-penned vocals with garage-tinged instrumentals.

Her latest single "Peach Squash Sunday" comes soaked in sunshine. The track features grooving drum beats, warm synth chords and divine backing vocals. Her lead vocals grace the track softly and come drenched in personality whilst working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

Eljé says: “I wasn’t expecting the reaction I had initially, but the love for Peach Squash Sunday only motivated me more’, a take that can only excite those who’ve seen what’s to come and those who are yet to discover..

Eljé has embraced the digital age with both hands, with her music gathering thousands of views on TikTok. With a growing global fanbase, we cannot wait to see where she'll take this.



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