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Ella Rossi releases flowing new single ‘Can’t You Tell’

At just 9 years old, Ella Rossi made an international television appearance on the Italian network RAI 1, showing her raw talent for singing. She pairs her influences from The Great American Songbook with the pop artists of her Youth, Ariana Grande, Sade, Sabrina Claudio. San Diego born, Los Angeles based, Ella grew up speaking Italian, French and Spanish, spending time in Colombia and Italy across her childhood. These all come together to inform the well-penned and catchy sounds that Ella is becoming known for.

Ella Rossi has recently released a new offering entitled ‘Can’t You Tell’, a track drenched in romance and flirtatiousness. Her infectious and intricate lead vocal is laced in harmony and counter melodies that bring show off her impressive vocal talents. All this is laid over an equally vibrant beat that slides right into the modern R&B genre with glittery instrumentation and an expanse of bouncy, laid-back percussion. The track started over Zoom, with Gamal taking the reigns on production and creating the finished article with Ella in his home studio.

Ella explains:

“Funny story, I’m usually the type of person who likes to write melodies over chord progressions but one day I was making a sandwich and this melody and lyrics idea came to me ‘I feel this feeling that I’ve never felt…’ so i sent the voice note to Gamal and he worked his magic. Before ‘Can’t You Tell’ I stayed pretty consistent in writing slow electric guitar heartbreak ballads. This time around I really wanted to show a more playful side to my character and my sound.

I think in today’s generation, dating and getting to know people can be difficult. people aren’t as romantic or vocal with their feelings as they once were. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we like someone and we’re sending them all kinds of signals but they still can’t get the hint. I hope after listening to this track, listeners will go tell their crush how they feel. This song is a playfully flirtatious anthem that begs the question ‘can’t you tell?’”



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