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Ellie Grace is back with a brand new studio single: Better Off Alone

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The magic of great modern pop music is that this genre seems to be more on the edge than the “so-called” alternative music styles these days. While a lot of indie artists are kind of stuck in their own cliches, pop artists aren’t really afraid to constantly try new ideas and reinvent themselves. As a result, it feels like pop is always kind of shape-shifting: that’s what it has always been doing after all, since that’s what it takes for it to stay relevant and fun. Artists like Ellie Grace are indeed a great example of how pop isn't exactly the same picture you’d expect. Instead of glossy, overly-sugary beats, this artist actually offers a really interesting take with her sound, showcasing a unique form of artistic evolution that is the real driving force behind the music. Ellie’s brand new song, Better Off Alone, actually combines atmospheric soundscapes and soothing vocals with the best pop hooks, giving the audience a truly unique experience. Find out more about Ellie Grace, and listen to Better Off Alone on your favorite digital music streaming services!

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