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Eloise Massimo releases stunning visual for single 'Throwback'

Both smart and stylistic, Eloise Massimo has dropped a glowing video for 'Throwback'. Eloise's clever storytelling is put in visual form to the highest standard - you can take a look below:

Discussing the release Eloise explains:

The story behind ‘Throwback’ is a euphoric celebration of the joys of moving on to pastures new. I was really inspired to write this song shortly after bumping into someone I used to have a lot of love for but realising that I felt absolutely nothing for them anymore. Therefore, I wanted to write about how amazing it feels to come out the other side of a heartbreak with clear vision and to finally see the other person that you were hung up on for so long for what they really are…’Throwback’ was produced by Jack Vasiliou who’s worked extensively with the up & coming R&B singer Sipprell, and also produced my previous track Poison.”

Throwback is available on all platforms.

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