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Emerging artist Finn Doherty unveils his highly anticipated debut EP 'if you’re bored of this city'

Emerging artist Finn Doherty debut EP, 'if you’re bored of this city', is a compelling exploration of desire, self-destruction, and the quest for identity amidst the complexities of urban life and personal relationships. This seven-track collection captures a transformative period in Finn's life, encapsulated in a long night of romance, excitement, introspection, and longing.

Mixed and mastered by the acclaimed Lavar Bullard, the EP not only presents an auditory experience but also a visual one. Six of the tracks are accompanied by music videos that translate Finn’s vision into a tangible format, taking listeners on a whirlwind journey through stories of queerness and the authentic representation of his bisexuality.

Finn Doherty explains, “‘if you’re bored of this city’ is a project about desire, self-destruction, and the search for identity. It was inspired by a relationship complicated by my internal exploration of sexual identity and the music that soundtracked that experience. The EP follows the journey from the city of dreams turning into the city of nightmares, a playing field for reckless behavior and a longing for something more—a desire for excitement and a distraction from the complexities of self-discovery.”

In keeping with his ethos of creating an inclusive space of authentic and genuine connection, the EP’s focus track, “Your Love Won’t Take Me Home,” showcases Finn’s more vulnerable side. This intimate acoustic track captures the moment of realising that things won’t work out, portraying the start-of-the-end with poised emotional intelligence.

Finn reflects, “‘Your Love Won’t Take Me Home’ serves as the acceptance, the realization that some love remains unrequited beyond simple pleasure. Falling for someone who will never reciprocate is a universal experience as a queer individual, and this song speaks directly to that feeling. It feels like a long car ride home, a walk in the rain under soft orange street lights.”

He continues, “This is the first song I wrote for the EP and became the glue that bound it all together. It was easy to mold a whole project around it once I realized it was the most sincere sentiment of any song I’d ever written, and spoke most truly of an experience that almost tore me apart.”

Elsewhere on the EP, Finn takes an adventurous approach, blending pop, indie, and electronic elements in tracks like “Call It Off,” “Figure It Out,” “KMU,” and “Drop My Guard.” His youthful approach allows him to delve into themes of lust, heartache, solitude, and sexuality with fresh authenticity.

With if you’re bored of this city, Finn Doherty presents himself as a fiercely driven, self-made artist, ready to make his mark on the UK music scene and beyond.

Stream 'if you’re bored of this city' in full here:


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