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Emerging newcomer Edie Yvonne returns with the dreamy new single 'In The Rain'

Ever since she first emerged with her stunning breakthrough single 'With The Light' last year, LA's Edie Yvonne has been on a thunderous rise. Despite still only 14 years old, she has quickly cemented herself as one of the more exciting names on the scene right now, and looks to continue that vibrant accent on the dreamy new single 'In The Rain'.

Adopting a fresh and sweeping pop direction for her newest release, 'In The Rain' stands as one of her most passionate outings to date. Collaborating with producers Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta, this warm and enchanting new effort is another shining example of why so any have begun singing her praises in recent months.

Although still very much within the infancy of her career so far, 'In The Rain' is a bold and progressive step forward within her musical evolution to date. Brimming with fresh and emotive innovation at every turn, she feels like someone we can expect to hear a lot more from in the months ahead as well.

Enjoy 'In The Rain' below.



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