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Surrey, UK based pop punk band Lucky Hit have today returned with a brand-new single titled ‘Obvious Sucker’.

The single kick starts a new era for the trio which follows the bands debut EP release ‘Meet Me There’ back in May 2020. Having recorded the single at the prestigious ‘Steel City Studios’ in Sheffield the pop-punk rockers are back bringing an blend of infectious melody, raging beats and summer vibes to the table.

Many of us often romanticise the past. The lyrics focus on a couple and the way in which they spent their time together and how they felt. The memory of that person often stays with us years after. The song itself is not about an ex girlfriend or a summer fling, the song is about a time in our lives personified. The time we spend in our younger years enjoying ourselves and taking risks and the spend out latter years romanticising it.” - Vocalist, Lawrence Murphy.

Watch the official music video right here:

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