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Emerging rapper Duchi Da Vinchi releases '6AM'

The latest in a series of seriously impressive releases, ‘6AM’ is an animated hip-hop track from Pittsburgh artist Duchi Da Vinchi.

Duchi is one of the hottest emerging talents in the game right now and is infusing all his creativity into a plethora of releases, all receptive to critical acclaim, and already starting to acquire a fleet of dedicated fans.

Duchi once again collaborates with producer and friend Kids Of The Forest on 6am to further develop a trademark sound and style of flow. The song is a reflection of the artist's lifestyle, living in the fast lane with no intention of slowing down, Duchi wants to continue his rise in the industry with all the momentum he can gather.

Speaking to the inspiration behind '6AM' he explains, “The inspiration for “6AM” pretty much comes from the fast life that many of us experience within the modeling/music industry. Many of my nights end at 6AM after the studio or an event. Eventually, I'll get tired of that life and want to settle down, but until then, it's late nights for me, and my darlings and my dawgs (lyrics from the song, haha)”.

With aspiration to add to his arsenal of hits, Duchi is an incredibly exciting emerging artist to keep an eye on.


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