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  • Nova Holmes

Emerging songstress Gilska delivers her latest offering 'Supply'

Photo credit: Gilska Weerakody

London-born, Sri Lankan-origin powerhouse Gilska encapsulates the charm and naivety of being young on upbeat electro-infused pop track “Supply,” led by a joyous instrumentation rooted on energetic beats and carefree, playful song writing.

Brimming with celebration and nostalgia in perfect amounts, the atmospheric number takes us back to the innocence of our teen years as it channels the vibrant excitement that accompanied new experiences, making mistakes and learning lessons.

Starting life as a piano-led ballad before transforming into a cheery pop anthem, the track showcases Gilska’s ability to experiment and evolve as it paints a picture of simply having the time of your life.

Speaking of the track, Gilska said:

“Supply is an anthem that captures nostalgia. It takes you back to your late teens, when you start experiencing things outside your childhood bubble. For me it really paints the picture of feeling alive, running around and not worrying about the future, the consequences but being completely in the moment and living for the present.”

Classically trained and with the gift of music in blood via her pop star grandfather, Gilska who earned press acclaim for her previous release “Up Till 5” from the likes of Rolling Stone India, CLASH, Celebmix, EARMILK and more cements her place as a rising star in pop.

The track is out now via AWAL, along with an accompanying music video below:

Stream 'Supply' below:

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