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  • Paul Riley

Emerging US Artist Nika Taleghani Uncovers Stunning New Track “Back and Forth”

Rising US artist Nika Taleghani has unveiled her new single, “Back and Forth”. The track is just the Boston artist’s second single following last year’s debut release “The Cave”. Although a new artist, it’s already very clear what a special talent Nika is, and the new release is a further testament to this.

“Back and Forth” commands attention from the opening seconds. Nika’s vocals are powerful and emotive and when paired with her honest, soul-baring lyrics, the end result is wholly captivating. A song that captures every ounce of her emotions and feelings, it hears Nika reflect on the seemingly endless loop of a recent romantic relationship that many people will be able to relate to.

Speaking further on the track, Nika says, “The process of this song had gone through a lot of changes both lyrically and musically to get the correct tone. I spent a lot of time getting the phrasing and vocal tone just right because there was a great deal of emotional pain that I experienced with this relationship. I wanted to capture the constant loop of the emotional back and forth of the relationship.

“This is my second single, and I felt that my lyrics should be accessible to a broader audience with accompanying pop, R&B and soul music. I feel very passionately about the personal stories that I share in my songs and hope that listeners will relate to similar situations in their lives.”

“Back and Forth” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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