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  • Paul Riley

Emerging US Rapper Chris Siders Tackles Racial Stereotypes On New Single “The Invisible Man”

Eminent amongst the Los Angeles and Monterey County spoken word scenes, LA-born artist Chris Siders has set out to deliver exciting, innovative and brutally honest storytelling in the world of hip-hop/rap. The rising LA rapper only dropped his debut single, “Lately” (feat. Nana Razaia), in February 2022, but it’s already clear what a special talent he is, and this is no more evident than on his new single, “The Invisible Man”.

The track highlights Chris’ impressive lyricism, as well as his elite flow and delivery. Possessing all the right elements needed for a quality hip-hop track, it will surely help continue Chris’ rise in the music scene following his debut earlier this year. Speaking more on the new release, Chris says, “‘The Invisible Man’ is inspired by the book by Ralph Ellison of the same title and tackles issues surrounding the stereotypes of young black African American males.

“Growing up I faced a ton of imposter syndrome based on who the world was telling me I was. My high school criminalised me and labelled me as a troublemaker for getting into fights every other week. They did not know that I was simply defending myself from bullies who were taunting me and physically harming me because I am of a darker skin complexion. In the chorus I rap, ‘Runnin’ from myself / I ain’t a killer though / Paint whatever image / I present the picture though.’ In addition to getting bullied by colourist classmates, I felt this world does not care about young dark black individuals. I felt and even to this very day I feel invisible.”

Cultivated by the lyrical works of Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Saul Williams and Phonte, and coupled with the boundless obscure aesthetics anime provides, Chris Siders creates a world where listeners can escape the daily hardships of life and at the same time face childhood and adulthood traumas. Tackling these issues head on with immeasurable talent, Chris is proving to be an icon in the making with a huge future ahead.

“The Invisible Man” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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