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Emker Cel offers up the wonderfully warm new album 'You Are Everything You Are'

Ever since he first broke through with his vibrant self-titled debut LP back in 2016, UK singer-songwriter Emker Cel has always been seen as one of the more enchanting names doing the rounds. And with a wealth of much-loved delights under his belt in the years since, he now returns with his wonderfully warm new studio album 'You Are Everything You Are'.

Marking his third full-length to date, his newest outing sees him continue down that rich and alluring path he has always looked to pursue. Dabbling in some beautifully rich textures, but still finding time to crack out a killer riff from time to time, 'You Are Everything You Are' is another shining example of his progressive nature to date.

While he spent much of the time between this and his sophomore effort 'From The Waves' recovering from long COVID and raising his newborn, 'You Are Everything You Are' shows that he is still very much ready to deliver something magical once again. With such a vibrant approach to his songwriting, Emker Cel sits as a true innovator on today's new music scene.

Enjoy 'You Are Everything You Are' below.

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