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Enda Gallery reveals his highly-anticipated new EP ‘Liberation’.

Irish artist Enda Gallery has created a powerful, sonic journey on his new EP ‘Liberation’, fusing atmospheric soundscapes with genre-bending production and melodies that fuse pop and R&B for a Berlin-infused take on a soothing sound. Each track is uniquely potent, with the uplifting ‘I Want Liberation’ giving us exactly that whilst ‘This Is That Moment’ and ‘Super Raw’ take on Gospel and Hip-Hop elements.

Speaking on ‘I Want Liberation’, Enda Gallery shares: “I Want Liberation is a song to unite and liberate the body, mind, and heart at a time where we all seek, desire and need that liberation. Prescription: Dance. Feel. Witness. Surrender.”

The enigmatic and multi-talented Enda Gallery has received support from tastemakers in his native Ireland and beyond and his penchant for other-worldly sounds and experimental, enticing anthems has quickly put him on the map.



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