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EP REVIEW: Mortal Prophets unveil their sprawling new EP 'Sleeping In My Bed'

When New York's Mortal Prophets released their immersive studio album 'GUITARWORKS' at the end of last year, it saw out an incredibly busy year for them. After opening up 2023 with the brilliant LP 'Dealey Plaza Blues' and pushing themselves forward with the live collection 'The Twang Gang (Live In Berlin)', it felt like a well-earned rest was waiting for them. But just like any innovative mastermind, they are already back on the grind with their new EP 'Sleeping In My Bed', a release that continues more of that embracing energy to date.

While their output over the past year was certainly an eclectic and varied affair, 'Sleeping In My Bed' sees them wear their influences very much in full view this time around. Inspired by the brooding sensibilities of Nick Cave and Tom Waits, their newest outing broadens what has already been an incredibly productive time, and sees them venture towards newer and fresher ideas at every turn.

Their work has certainly made a mark in recent months, but 'Sleeping In My Bed' shows even more dynamic attitudes throughout its six-track runtime. With such a rich and enveloping atmosphere spread across this new EP, Mortal Prophets look set to make the year ahead just as interesting as ever.

Enjoy 'Sleeping In My Bed' below.


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