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Epokhé showcases signature sound in new E.P “Among All Things”

Kyle Feehan is the mastermind behind Epokhé. Epokhé is a pure project, with his music fully representing his inner thoughts and feelings, with the likes of longing, seeking, and discovery all to be found within his music. Feehan is a creative in general, and alongside music he also works on Hollywood productions, philosophy, audiovisual art and technology. Speaking about this he says: “Before beginning work on this album, I had been taking a break from the Epokhé project for a few years while working in film. Returning to the project with a lot of new ideas, this album is the culmination of my experiences in film scoring during those years.”

Among All Things” is the latest offering from Epokhé, and comes in the form of an infectious E.P. The E.P is designed to take listeners on a journey. Tracks such as “Eternal Return” are ethereal offerings that come drenched emotion. Instrumentation ebbs and flows between each other, creating a swirling pool of noise that is sure to entice you in. Tracks such as “Hidden” come as more pop-penned soundscapes. These tracks features infectious percussion, heartwarming synths and diverse dynamics.

Speaking about the release, he says: “An important inspiration behind the album, and, given its name, the Epokhé project as a whole, is, I think, something that Keats called ‘negative capability.’ That is, the ability to accept, and even enjoy entertaining, the uncertainties, mysteries, contradictions, and doubts that we are inevitably surrounded by, and to do so without ‘any irritable reaching after fact and reason’ – to experience them without needing to explain or come up with any rational solution for them. I tried to translate this idea, as well as the awareness that our perceptions are so often misleading, by taking sounds from the world and presenting them in ‘impossible’ ways. From a technical standpoint, this often involved taking orchestral instrumentation and processing it to the point of making it sound synthetically produced. The album artwork was then created to augment this idea of an abstract, multi-faceted, and inscrutable world.”

We, for one, can’t wait to see where Epokhé will take this.



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