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Estelle Mey releases huge single “Snake (Rejection)”

Before falling in love with songwriting, Estelle had always had a passion and focus for singing. However, she didn’t know how to channel this in the right way until she fell in love with the British punk scene. She started making her music heavier and heavier, and bought a baritone guitar - “Barrie” - to further her sound.

Mey’s latest offering comes in the form of single “Snake (Rejection).” With a hard-hitting instrumental and emotionally drenched vocals, the track will be sure to leave an impression. Accompanying is an immersive lyric video that works hand in glove with the single.

Speaking about the single she says: “Snake (Rejection) is about saying stop to someone or something that makes you feel like you’re slowly dying . Letting go , speak out loud and walk away from what stops you from being happy, from being yourself or from evolving.”

Mey has also developed an infectious live show. This, alongside her music, will get her to the top.

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