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ETHO shares atmospheric single ‘Shadow’

Unleashing a sound that is both perfectly gripping and magnetic, London based artist ETHO bursts back on the scene with his second single to date.

Underpinned by a range of dark and pulsing melodies, techno newcomer ETHO has established his own dynamic realm of sounds that are ever so enticing. Injected with dark and airy sonics, the single taps into a murky, almost mysterious vibe that is carried by ETHO’s breathy vocals and constant vibrating synth.

ETHO explains: "I started producing ‘Shadow’ the day I got back to London from a trip to Berlin. I was sonically inspired by the dark energy and spatial atmosphere around the east of the city and warehouses. The words play around this feeling that we have a shadow self; perhaps more crude, lustful and self destructive. An encounter takes place…"

ETHO’s all-encompassing project expresses his talents as a singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and fashion guru. When performing live, he plays alongside DJ Joaquin Phoenix, who creates a wonderfully accompanying hypnotic flow. Get ready to hear lots more from this talent as he heads for big things in the electronic sphere.

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